I became interested in photography in high school and decided to sign up for a photography class. Shortly after, my parents bought me a simple DSLR camera. Ever since then, I was the girl with a camera in her hand taking pictures. My love for wedding photography blossomed after I photographed a dear friend’s wedding. I am a hopeless romantic by nature, so when I realized I could capture romantic moments for people, I knew I had to pursue it, and so, Love Lane Photography was born!

I’d define my style as light and romantic, adding just a little enhancement to the natural magic of the day. In my work I also enjoy incorporating the fine details. Personally I adore bows, polka dots, and pearls. So it was important for me to incorporate those into my own wedding. If there is something you’d like to include in your photographs please let me know!

In my spare time I am most likely spending time with my son and husband, cuddling with my super cute Pomeranian while watching a RomCom, or curling up with a good book. 

My must-haves: coffee, ice cream, anything sweet, and peanut butter.

I cannot wait to meet you and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Xs & Bows,

MacKenzie Lane